Hardware Projects

This section contains information about a few of my hardware projects. I yet have to add a few more pictures of the end-results.

Amiga 600 Restoration

[Dec. 2018 - ???. 2019]: I am currently working on restoring an Amiga 600 that i got from eBay. I never had an Amiga as a kid, so time to finally get one. I recapped the board and the PSU. Currently waiting for a new keyboard membrane to be delivered.

SNES Restoration

[Nov. - Dec. 2018]: I restored an ancient SNES, added component video output and gave it to my brother for Christmas. Not a lot of pictures on that one, as time was short. The component output for this SNES variant consists of two 10µF capacitors for Pb/Pr and a switch to add an additional 75R to Ground on the Luma/Y output to get good color saturation. I also cleaned the controllers and the cartridges and gave the latter new batteries.

Vinyl Pre-Amplifier

[May - Aug. 2018]: I got myself a vintage Braun P4 vinyl player and built a pre-amplifier to do the de-emphasis for it. As i didn't want to re-invent the wheel, i looked around on the net and found the
[T-Phonum MKII]. The author sold me a PCB, so it just took me four month to get the parts and a case and build a suitable power-supply in parallel to all my other chores.

C64 SD2IEC Box

[Aug. - Oct. 2018]: I got an SD2IEC for the C64 from eBay and 3D printed an adapter box that connects to the serial and the AV connector. So basically it adds SD2IEC and converts the AV connector to standard S-Video and Cinch audio plugs. You can still connect an external drive to the C64.

C64 Restoration

[May - Jan. 2019]: My C64 got a good scrub, retro-brighting of the keyboard keys, new capacitors, a new VIC-II and SID socket, a LumaFix and a shiny new case.

C64 ZoomFloppy Clone

[May 2018]: To archive my Commodore C64 floppies i built a [xum1541] ZoomFloppy clone and also added a parallel interface to the Commodore 1541-II disk-drive.

Old Projects

Time to clean-up and move the ancient stuff to a [sub-page].