Hardware - Old Projects

Here is a random list of some past endeavors:

I built a [MultiWii] based [Quadrocopter] a few years ago before you could buy them in each electronics market. You can find pictures of the complete build process here:

Even longer ago, i built my own [ALIX6E2] based UMTS-WLAN Router. This was before my rural village had DSL coverage, so a for a few years i had to do with a 2GB UMTS Flatrate. I used a self-compiled [OpenWRT] software. These days you eat up that data budget while watching a single YouTube video.

Once upon a time i built the [Elektor experimental RFID-Reader] which can read ISO14443A cards. Again this was before every single credit card had an embedded RFID.

For work and home usage i built two headphone amplifiers based on the [MINT schematics] from Tangentsoft.

I also built two programmers for PIC microcontrollers and a simple one for AVRs.

Find a few snapshots below: