I work as embedded software engineer for Intel Deutschland GmbH; At the moment in the area of  Compute Vision.

Before i was working on Camera ISP software  and on ARM Mali400 Graphics IP integration and before that as a senior software engineer for audio control in customer support. I had developed and maintained two major audio control architectures for mobile phone chip-sets with a small team of people earlier.
I have more than 16 years experience in the area of embedded systems cross-platform software development/debugging.
The wireless world changes fast and complexity constantly increases: When i started working in the mobile industry we had GSM phones with monochrome LCD displays and pieco speakers playing odd ring-tones. Today you have Android/Linux and iOS running on multi-core processors with a ton of complex peripherals, including USB3, LTE and WLAN streaming videos.
So i am still learning new stuff every day and feel like a complete idiot at times.

I studied at the [University of Applied Sciences München] at the faculty [Precision- and Micro-Engineering] and afterwards started my career at Optimay GmbH, a subsidiary of the Lucent Microelectronics group. At some point Lucent spun-off Agere Systems and Optimay GmbH became a subsidiary of it and was later on integrated. After that LSI bought/merged with Agere Systems, but was focused on the Storage & Network business, hence the whole Mobility division was sold to Infineon AG shortly afterwards and the organization i worked for became IFWL GmbH. After three tough years at IFX, the complete Wireless Solutions business unit was sold to Intel. The deal was closed on 1st February 2011. During the next few years the legal structure was cleaned up a little, so after Intel Mobile GmbH was swallowed by Intel Mobile Communications GmbH, that one got renamed Intel Deutschland GmbH. So here i am at my 5th employer without ever changing job. - Hm is anybody really interested in this?

The long and short of it is: I have seen a lot, good and bad.

A complete CV can be found on [Xing] and [LinkedIn]. If you are interested get in touch!

This is a private  homepage, so i do not want to mix things with my business life too much.