Here you can find some personal information about me and my hobby's. If you want to get in touch, use the link to the contact form at the bottom.


Age: 41
Hair-color: Dark blond
Eye-color: Grey-Blue
Height: 176cm
Hobby's: Everything which is not a [Project] is listed below.
3D Printing

Currently i tinker with 3D Printing having recently bought a [Zortrax M200].  


I run a 64.8l sweet-water aquarium and an additional 25l cube for shrimp, both equipped with self-build LED Lamps and CO2.
I can recommend [Flowgrow], if you are interested in sweet water aquariums and can speak German.


I don't know if that really qualifies as a hobby. It's more a way of transport and i also didn't spend a lot of money on my bicycles. Yes bicycles: One at home for the weekend exercise and one at my companies premises for making a fast escape to the local restaurant during lunch hours.
My dream bike would be a 26" bicycle with classic steel-frame, maybe a travel frame like the [Patria Terra], or maybe something with suspension like the Steppenwolf Tao FS (discontinued) and powered by the [NuVinci] continuously variable planetary transmission hub or the Alfine 11 Speed Internal Hub.
On the other hand, the benefit of a rusty old dodgy bicycle is that nobody steals it and you can leave it locked up almost anywhere you want. Mind you i went through three saddle rain-covers which apparently grew legs and ran away last year until falling back to reused plastic bags, so that somehow proves the point that a really nice bicycle is a dumb idea.

Inline Skating

I have some [K2-Skates] and enjoy getting a bit of exercize in summer. I am just missing the sexy female sports-partner for that little bit of extra motivation cool.


For relaxing and switching off after work i play the [EVE Online] massive multiplayer online role-playing space game. It a wonderful waste of time, though the initial learning curve is quite high. See [this] nice graphic how some people feel about the complexity of the game, but things are not really as bad as that.


I spend quite some time commuting, so reading a nice book is always a good option of passing the time. I highly recommend all [Jasper Fforde] books. If you like Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett, then Jasper Fforde is also for you. The [Thursday Next] series is really very funny and it even pushed me to dig through "Jane Eyre" in the end.


I haven't had much time to get a lot of flying done recently. Especially when you do this infrequently, the risk of crashing your model and spending another 100 bucks on replacement parts is pretty high. Flying a RC-Helicopter is pretty tricky, as it is an unstable system that requires constant user input to keep things in balance. I therefore bought the [Reflex XTR Simulator] first and only afterwards an Align T-Rex 450 SE. Hovering and slow flight works fine for me so far, but i need definetly more practise. My Plan B is to finish the [MultiWii Project] to get something up in the air, that is a bit more easier to control.

Other Stuff

I am also interested in electronics ([Elektor] magazine), [Geocaching], Homecinema & HiFi (You should test some [DynAudio] speakers at your local HiFi store!), listening to Music ([Pink], [KT Tunstall], [Nelly Furtado], [Anastacia], [Moorcheba], [Red Hot Chili Peppers]), enjoying Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Comedies at the Cinema, Digital Fotography and [Amateur Radio] (My callsign is DL3MHT, but i am not active at the moment.)