Software Projects

This page contains a list of former software projects, unfortunately all outdated by now. I hope i find the time to do something new at some point in the future.

All downloadable software on is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
EveLiveWallpaper (Android OS)

Note: This project is now also archived! I started it in January 2011 and the last software update was done in September 2012. Since Google decided to remove it in February 2017 from the App store due to violation of the 'Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy' - whatever that means, the CCP hf. copyright for all EVE Online artwork was in the About dialog of the application ever since - i decided to call it a day. Android OS has progressed so much in the last five years; Screen sizes getting bigger and bigger; Devices more and more powerful, so i guess nobody needs a 5 years old App that was designed for 4.3" displays anymore. It's a miracle that it still ran on Android 6.0 after all.

This was a project about an Android LiveWallpaper using the 3D model data from the EVE Online MMORPG and thus was called EveLiveWallpaper. It was mainly based on this [Code] from Robert Green, but a lot of other sources for OpenGL information, tutorials and examples on the web had been used as well for writing it.
The App. is showing a slowly rotating spaceship model on your Android home-screen. The background is a flat 2D image of the EVE galaxy, which is moving on an elliptical track. The rendering makes use of OpenGL ES 2.0 and supports per-pixel tangent space normal mapping as well as specular mapping. A lot of GIMP editing took place to prepare the textures, including manually adding the paint-maps. Rendering is done per mesh surface and Hull, Exhaust, Decal and Transparent surfaces are supported. The Jackson JSON Streaming parser library is used to read the surface type and index from a converted *.black file.
An AddOn or Theme package was created at some point in order to keep the main application at a reasonable size and allow the real fan to enjoy more ships.
More screenshots can be found in the [SW Gallery].

The download links won't work anymore as the thing is no longer listed in Google Play! Maybe i should just put the APKs here on my homepage...

   Main Application    AddOn Package
Android app on Google Play Android app on Google Play
KeePassDroid Contribution (Android OS)

When i switched from my Windows Mobile PDA to Android, i needed a KeePass version that ran on Android OS. Fortunately Brian has done an amazing job with KeePassDroid. I have contributed the basic icon support for it, which showed up in version 1.7 according to the [Changelog]. Of course the source-code keeps evolving further, so my contribution here is just very minor. Time permitting i might contribute a few more small enhancements in the future.

[KeePassDroid for Android]
KeePassSD & KeePassPPC (Windows Mobile)

I have run the "KeePass for Smart Devices" open source project for a few years as a one man show.
There were two different versions:
KeePassSD V2.15 Beta is compatible with KeePass V2.15 and is a C# application for PocketPC 2003 (Second Edition), Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone & PocketPC & PhoneEdition and Windows Mobile 6.x.x Standard & Classic & Professional devices using the .Net Compact Framework (2.0 SP2 or higher).
KeePassPPC V1.19b is compatible with KeePass V1.19b and is a MFC C++ application for PocketPC 2003 (Second Edition), Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC & PhoneEdition and Windows Mobile 6.x.x Classic & Professional devices.
Also have a look at the Windows PC Application from Dominik Reichl, the father of KeePass. Note that Windows Phone 7 is not backwards compatible with Windows Mobile, so this project has unfortunately come to an end now.

[KeePass for Smart Devices]
[KeePass - The Open-Source Password Safe]
ConnTweak (Windows Mobile)

A few years ago i fell into a nasty little trap with my Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone HTC MTeOR: After changing my mobile phone contract to a supposedly cheaper tariff, i accidentally ran up a monthly bill of about 1000€ because the Smartphone did not automatically end the data connection. Well GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA is a packet based system, so usually you are billed per KB/MB data-traffic or have a flat-rate these days. Some operators however thought time based billing is a marvelous idea when mobile internet was just newly invented. So my phone was idle (= not transferring any data), but still connected... and alas... The most expensive 5MB data traffic ever! Naturally i canceled my contract with that particular operator immediately after they refused to correct the bill and in order to avoid these problems in the future i wrote ConnTweak V1.0.1, which allows setting the idle-timeout for the data connection. It ran with any Windows Mobile 5.0 based and application unlocked  Smartphone. You also needed to install the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 as well.

[ConnTweak V1.0.1 Binary]
[ConnTweak V1.0.1 Sourcecode]
AirportModem (Windows Mobile)

Another project was about controlling the modem in my WLAN-Gateway with the PocketPC. As i life in an area where DSL was not available at that time, i had to dial-in to the internet via a modem in the router for a long time. The WLAN-Gateway was an Orinoco RG-1100, which is identical to the "Apple Airport gateway" and for that box a Java tool named [Airport Modem/PPPoE Utility] had existed to control the built in modem, that is to manually start and stop the internet connection.
The [AirportModem_PPC_ARM] program is a port of this dial-up utility to the PocketPC 2003 platform.

S25Util (PalmPilot)

During my studies i owned a PalmPilot IIIx and a Siemens S25 mobile phone. At that point of time I had written a program named S25Util [EN] [DE] to send logos and ring-tones to the phone from the PalmPilot. The tool was only working via the infrared interface; cable connection is not possible. This is how it looked like. I think it was even mentioned in some German book about PalmPilot programs at that time.

QuickSMS (PalmPilot)

Another utility was called QuickSMS [EN] [DE] and was intended to send short messages (SMS) to the S25, but it never evolved further than a very early alpha version.