Software Projects

This page contains a list of former software projects, unfortunately all outdated by now. I hope i find the time to do something new at some point in the future, but since my daily job is software engineering, i tend to gravitate towards hardware projects to have something REAL in my hands.

EveLiveWallpaper (Android OS)

This was a project about an Android LiveWallpaper using the 3D model data from the EVE Online MMORPG and thus was called EveLiveWallpaper. An AddOn or Theme package was created at some point in order to keep the main application at a reasonable size and allow the real fan to enjoy more ships.

KeePassSD & PPC (Windows Mobile OS)

I had run the [KeePass for Smart Devices] open source project for a few years as a one man show. These days i use [KeePassDroid] for Android. A few years ago i donated the code for the icon support for it. Also have a look at the Windows PC Application from Dominik Reichl, the father of [KeePass].